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Project title: System for increasing the efficiency of PV systems by the process of liquid cooling with surface water film flow

Project acronym: PVBOOSTING

Project description:Project “PVBOOSTING” aims at developing and implementing an innovative cooling system of the photovoltaic panel frames, using surface water film flow on the front surface with the view to improving the performance of the photovoltaic installation. Through the development of the said cooling system, the project attempts to tackle crucial problems related to the operation of photovoltaic panels with the goal to enhance their performance through cooling and cleaning and to limit the reflection losses. The system under development will be studied both theoretically and experimentally. In this frame, existing scientific knowledge and know-how (TRL4 - technology validated in lab) will be leveraged in order to optimize the industrial development of the system and its pilot implementation and the assessment on a photovoltaic installation. The project is anticipated to result in research outcomes of TRL7- system prototype demonstration in operation environment.

Project budget: 249.157,43 €

Project duration: 36 months

• Seven Sigma P.C.
• Laboratory of Electronic Sensors, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

Funding: The project is implemented in the framework of the Action 1.b.1.2-a3 “Financial support to Research, Development and Innovation Projects in the Priority Area of RIS3 “Energy Applications” and in co-funded by the European Union and National Resources through Operational Programme “WESTERN GREECE” 2014-2020 (Project code: ΔΕΡ7-0019983).

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Operational Programme “WESTERN GREECE” 2014-2020
With the co-financing of Greece and of the European Union