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Project Objectives

The objective of the project is to investigate the improvement of the performance of PV panels through the development and implementation of an innovative cooling system of the PV panel frames that is based on the surface water film flow. This system will increase the energy production of the PV panels in an environmentally friendly and financially sustainable way. The individual goals of the project involve:
• The conduction of scientific research and the deployment of innovation in order that PV panels exploit more efficiently the solar energy through the proposed cooling system.
• The successful development, implementation and assessment of the cooling system on a PV installation.
• The enhancement of the productivity and the competitiveness of the companies operating in the solar photovoltaic sector.
• The effective interconnection and cooperation between researchers and enterprises.

Scope of the project

The project focuses on the development and implementation of an innovative cooling system of PV panel frames, utilizing surface water film flow on the front surface, with the view to improving the performance of the photovoltaic installations. The industrial research, which will be conducted during the project, will result in the development of a new, innovative product. This product will tackle important problems that are related to the operation of the PV panels and refer to the enhancement of the performance (due to cooling and cleaning) and the reduction of the losses.
The system under development will be studied theoretically and experimentally (through mathematical modelling and computational simulations) in order to utilize existing scientific knowledge and know-how (TRL4 - technology validated in lab) for the optimization of its industrial development. Afterwards, pilot implementation and evaluation of the cooling system on a photovoltaic installation will take place.
The project is anticipated to result in research outcomes of TRL7- system prototype demonstration in operation environment. Therefore, the new system is expected to constitute a product of high added value, which can be commercialized quickly.

Implementation methodology

The proposed project includes a series of reasonably structured actions and activities of industrial research and scientific documentation, aimed at the development of a new cooling system of PV installations. The implementation methodology of the project includes the following actions (work packages):
Work package 1: Mapping of the existing state of technology and patents
Work package 2: System Specifications and Basic Design
Work package 3: Theoretical and experimental investigation
Work package 4: Detailed Design
Work package 5: System Construction and Integration in the PV Installation
Work package 6: Operation of PV Installation and System Evaluation
Work package 7: Feasibility Study

Expected results

Project “PVBOOSTING” aims at theoretical and experimental evaluation of the innovative cooling system of PV panel frames, in its optimized industrial development and the integration and operation of the system in cases of PV installations.

The development of this new innovative, economically efficient and immediately marketable cooling system, which improves the efficiency of PV installations, will address key problems related to the operation of PV installations. Thus, is expected to be achieved:
• Improvement of PV efficiency up to 18% due to cooling
• Limitations of PV reflection losses to 4-6%
• Improvement of 2-4% in the annual PV efficiency due to cleaning

The innovative cooling system is expected to attract the interest of the Greek photovoltaic industry for the utilization of this new product. The implementation of productive investments in new technology is expected to enhance the competitiveness and extroversion of related companies. In addition to the above, the expected results of the project include the creation of new jobs through the staff recruitment from the partnership bodies, as well as the strengthening of Seven Sigma's portfolio of products and services in the project’s area of interest.

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